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Community » 300 » Rules » Clan rules (Every clan member need to respect our clan rules.)
Clan rules
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1. Clan leader (CL) has the highest authority in clan, next are his sub-leaders and after them, people who are in the clan for a long time and have gained trust of clan leaders.

Hierarchy of leaders:
Clan Leader --> Leaders of Royal Guards --> Leaders of Royal Knights

2. Decisions of Clan Leader and decisions of his representatives approved by him are considered to be the rules of 300.

3. In case of extended CL's absence he choose one sub-leader to take care of his duties.

4. Current clan leaders:

Clan Leader: FightingForLove
Sub-Leaders: ColdWorld/Rhymus


1. Everyone is obliged to obey the orders of CL and coleaders.

2. Every member of 300 must help his clan members (by helping during pvp , giving keymaterials, borrowing materials etc).

3. Presence at RaidCall is compulsory during sieges, raid bosses, mass clan pvp for all clan members.

4. Presence at sieges is obligatory for every Clan member. If someone won't appear on them numerous times without excuse - he might be dismissed from the Clan. Being in game and being absent on siege at the same time might end up with instant dismiss from Clan without any warning.

5. Presence on raid bosses announced by clan leaders is obligatory unless clan member has important reason not to go (absence is punished with warning).


1. Acting against instructions of Clan Leaders is forbidden, especially when it might cause harm to other member of 300.

2. In case of interacting with clans that 300 has war with iforbidden is:

-together exp
-helping at Olympiad
-helping during pvp with friendly clans
-helping with quests (subclass, nobles, etc)

The punishment for breaking this rule might be a warning or instant dismiss.

3. It is fobidden to inform anyone outside ally about our plans for sieges, the dates of planned dungeon bosses and any other information’s strictly connected to 300`s and/or ally internal affairs.

4. Clan members must restrain from swearing on clan/ally chat and RaidCall to minimum (especially when there are people who feel uncomfortable with it).

5. Members are not allowed to attack clanmates, ally and members of friendly clans and allies.

6. It’s forbidden to cry on clan chat. If you don’t like something in clan – talk to leaders and/or write about your concerns on forum.

7. Racists will be dismissed on sight.


1. Every member of 300 is obligated to take care of his good name and reputation. In particular:

- Do not steal from other player when by mistake they give you something in trade (give the items back).
- Do not reveal any informations about ally
- Do not attack neutral clans (except for killing PK or when you are accosted in any way).
- Participation in Clan/Ally events.


1. 300 is an international Clan.

2. Person invited to Clan has to accept the rules and oblige to be active in Clan/Ally events.

3. After 10 days from invitation if the person does not participate in Clan/Ally events or doesn’t log in often enough – the person might be dismissed.

4. If someone want to leave the Clan he should first inform a Clan leader about it and explain the reasons. The person can take with him items and matses received from Clan.

5. In special cases a person dismissed/leaving Clan might receive BLACK CARD – which means he will be PK`ed on sight by 300 members, additionally in such case the person will no longer be able to rejoin the Clan.

6. It is forbidden under punishment of dismiss to have another character in any other active clan on server without knowledge and acceptation of a Clan leader. (does not include clans made specially for boxes).


1. If whole clan participates in a Raid Boss event – Clan Leader picks up the drops (in case of his absence previously chosen Sub-leader). All the drops are put in cwh. If someone else will pick up the drop without permission of the Leader, but will give the item back to CL after that – he might get a warning. Next situation like that after getting the warning means a dismiss. If the person will not give the items back – instant dismiss and BLACK CARD.

2. In case of Raid Boss events organized by friendly clans/allies – the rules of splitting the drops are decided by CL`s of participating clans. Drop received by 300 will be put in cwh.

3. Special jewelry - Clan Leaders decide who will get it (the criteria are: is the player a trusted member, activity, how long is the person in Clan , participation in events etc).


Breaking any of the above rules might be punished with a warning in clan chat+forum. Every member of the Clan might have only 1 warning, second abuse means dismiss.

Community » 300 » Rules » Clan rules (Every clan member need to respect our clan rules.)
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